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Corsicana Girls Softball Association


A girls softball league designed to 
promote the fundamentals osoftball 
beginning at T-Ball and ending at 
15 and Under. Girls must be 4 years 
of age by December 31st of the 
year prior to the season starting.


President of CGSA

My name is Jason Cates. I was born and raised in Corsicana and played various youth sports starting with T-Ball at Beebe Field. My brother is the President of CGSA. Our Dad was very involved in our sports, and coached almost every team we played on. After graduation I had the pleasure of coaching with him until his untimely passing. I continued to coach the year after his passing before taking a break. When my daughter turned 5 and wanted to play T-Ball, it was time to start again and I have never looked back. I was elected Vice President in 2016 and hope to continue the legacy that my dad started.

Jason Cates

President of CGSA Softball

Vice President of CGSA

My name is Michael Cates. I was born and raised in Corsicana. I played Youth Sports starting with Tee Ball at Beebe Field. My dad was very involved in mine and my brothers sports. We lost my dad when I was 15. He passed away at Beebe Field doing what he loved. In 2015 I was elected Vice President of CGSA and an Associate Director for Texas Teenage Baseball/Softball for Navarro County. I was elected President the next year in 2016. My hope is to pick up where my dad left off and carry on with his vision. My wife and I had a baby girl in December of 2008 and she loves playing SOFTBALL!!!!

Michael Cates

Vice President of CGSA Softball

Phone: 903-229-2555

Treasure of CGSA

Kristin Bates

Kristin Bates

Treasure of CGSA Softball

Secretary for CGSA

Chris Wood

Chris Wood

Secretary for CGSA

Concession Stand Coordinator for CGSA

My name is Thresa Cates. I have lived in Corsicana all my life. I have 1 son and 1 daughter. I work at Creative Childrens Center and have been there for 19 years. I have been married to my husband since March of 2007. I got involved with CGSA when my Daughter turned 4 years old and wanted to play Tee Ball. I was elected Treasurer in 2016.

Thresa Cates

Concession Stand Coordinator for CGSA Softball

Public Relations Director for CGSA

Josh Lavene

Josh Lavene

Public Relations Director for CGSA

Insurance Director for CGSA

My name is Tony Lozano. I have lived in Corsicana the majority of my life. I have children that are actively involved in different sports. Although Baseball has always been my passion, as a parent I have always coached or assisted in my children's activities. I was elected to the Board of CGSA in 2017 and hope to assist in the growth of CGSA within our community.

Tony Lozano

Insurance Director for CGSA

Phone: 903-851-5289

Head Umpire for CGSA

Monty became the Head Umpire for CGSA in 2015.

Monty Casbeer

Head Umpire

Our Sponsors

These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities

Sponsored by Jerry's Custom Signs

Jerry's Custom Signs

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Jerry makes all the Registration Signs and Sponsorship Banners for CGSA Softball. 

Sponsored by Ellington Service Company

Ellington Service Company

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This company has donated their services to help with our electrical needs. John is the best guy for the job.

Sponsored by Prince Fireworks

Prince Fireworks

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Jimmy was a long time Coach and still is one of CGSA Softballs biggest supporters. Go see him for the best Fireworks, Christmas Trees, Pumpkins, Mum's, Flowers and Pottery in Navarro County.

Sponsored by AKV Plumbing

AKV Plumbing

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AKV Plumbing has helped CGSA Softball with all our Plumbing needs. These 2 guys have put a lot of hard work in for the girls of Softball.